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Our beloved guinea pig Lina passed away last night

Lina was the youngest of our formerly 6 guinea pigs, who live with us for many years now. First i have to say she never has been a great fighter. Grown up together with Berta she learned early to keep up with a superior neighbour. It was never easy for her to get salad first. But all in all she found her place in our family and after the death of Erna only some weeks ago we couldn’t imagine such a bitter fate would hit us again.

Yesterday evening – we came home from an exhausting christmas shopping – my wife found Lina in an alarming state. She couldn’t stand safely on her feet and her eyes were flickering. Immediately we called our doctor and no minute too late so we could come – it was way past 8pm. We had to learn she just suffered a stroke and is under heavy pressure, so became cortisone and a mild sedative to recover. We were asked to let her stay there overnight so she wouldn’t be disturbed by the others and surely we agreed. The question if she would make it through the night and recover remained unanswered somehow. The doctor was quite optimistic but no one can foresee the future, and so we went home.

Today we had to receive the message, Lina didn’t make it and was found dead in her cage this morning.

Dear Lina, we thank you for being such a great companion and for the few years we could see you grow up and live with us. You’ve been – like all of our family members – an original. You can never be replaced, there’ll always be a wound in our hearts from now on. We love you – and hope you’ll be welcomed warmly wherever you may be now. Rest in peace, my dear!

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